A special someone, left early today, apparently to meet another certain someone (I overheard this from two people speaking.) Certain someone studies (i guess?) in an educational institution far away from me. Special someone has perhaps gone to woo this certain someone. This aches my heart terribly. Why, Oh dear Special someone! why are you going till there for certain someone? Stay here and love me no?

Okay chuck.

Sister also had a bad day. We rushed to Plan B. I told her about the horrid crime that has happened to me. She told me about her boss. Apparently, her boss wonders why they need my sister in the office if they have this checking thing called Grammarly.

Umm. Excuse me Boss aunty, but who will write and form the words that go into Grammarly? your ass? Thoo. I say to her.

Comes in now, the first plate of BBQ chicken wings. Ahh yes. Commence now, the silence of messy eating. Om nom nom. Yummy Yummy in my Tummy.

Enter now, the second plate of Honey Mustard Chicken wings. BBQ and Honey Mustard seem to taste the same to me? I tried to break the taste with meri pyaari Old Monk and Coke, but no. Still same only. One nice sweet sweet taste. I like it anyway. I wonder if this chicken was Halal? probably not. Well shucks.

Sister chugs Red wine Sangria, I chug my Old monk. Sister leans head on her purse which is on the counter, I lean my head behind and feel WOOOOSHY.

Exit from Plan B, hand in hand. Music playing, the beautiful voice of a woman lag jaa galey.. plays loudly from Hockey stadium. “Wow. come lets go see.”

We enter. We are stopped by reception. “What’s happening?”

“Musical night”

“‘oh. okay thank you.”

We exit. Hand in Hand, tu mileyy, dil khileyy… plays in background. Damn nice. Cat passes by, holding dead baby rat in mouth. Shucks.

Dropping sister off at her PG. “Run off now fluffy. Live your fluffy dreams!” I tell her.

I walk and walk. I see a beautiful white flower on the ground. I pick it up. I spin the flower in my hand. Damn I feel dizzy. But flower is pretty. I step on dog shit, I think. I step on dried up cow shit that has left its mark on the road, I think. I see a fluffy dog pee. Fuck.

I reach PG. Flower on my bed. Damn weird feels. This piece has been brought to you by Old Monk and Rum. Thank you for wasting time. Love u, umma.

If you are special someone, Katti.

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