This is SUPER Funny, Dude

This is a funny piece of writing. Really, it is. Right now you are reading a line that will make you smirk. This line makes you exhale heavier, and this (little addition in a bracket has just wowed your mind.)

I am telling you, this is a funny piece. There are bits and pieces of humor at the end of EVERY sentence, it’s REALLY funny. This sentence just made you throw your head back and say, “HA!” And then your eyes quickly rolled back to this sentence because you are so thoroughly amused by what you are reading right now.

I don’t know why, but you look like you don’t believe me when I tell you that this is a funny piece. You’re not reading this carefully enough, I swear on my sense of humor this is super fucking hilarious. This line right here was supposed to be a very witty one that catches you super, super unexpectedly. Like, you didn’t even see it coming. No what the fuck it’s not my girlfriend. You cant date a piece of writing you moron what are you on?

You know what? fuck you. This is not a lazy piece of writing from a person with a non existent sense of humor. It’s a fucking Pandemic. We need more light hearted, funny pieces to read now more than ever. This piece is a fucking God send, such heavenly humor.

You suck. This is funny. You just don’t know how to read. It’s so funny you can’t even. Right now anybody else would be partly wanting to come back and read more, and partly unable to because they just read some of the funniest lines ever and can’t stop laughing because their stomach is aching from all the laughter and they can’t catch their breath.

I don’t want any asphyxiation complaints so I am legally required to end here because my jokes are killing/to die for/so dope that it’s illegal. But this was a goddamn funny piece of fucking writing.

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