Phrased Phases

Our Silence

Our words reduced. 
Stories dropped, killed. 
We had less, less and lesser to say 
until we had nothing.

Pardon my eavesdropping 
but this silence too, 
is a conversation 
in both
desperation and wisdom. 

Escapril 2023 has begun! I am grieving many losses and there is no better vent than poetry. April 2: Eavesdropping.

Phrased Phases

For People Like Me

For people like me,
it is discomfort
to navigate space, 
to stand still and observe,
to dissolve apprehensions.
Our world is a box
with no other being.
Only their effect--
their eyes. 

People like me,
We catch movements.
Hidden conversation.
Hateful eyes, 
mocking eyes. 
We reel them in with fear,
and revel in them.
It is always about us.
They hate us. 

For people like me, 
private spaces do not exist. 
There is a constant eye--
My eye 
in another's eye. 
I'm the only person we watch, 
Every move, a fault. 
Every thought, judgment. 

Phrased Phases

After a Short Break

Pain is a burrow 
that digs itself
into the crevices of your mind
deeper and deeper.

Each shovel 
striking deep 
into fresh organic mind,
harder than it's predecessors.

They never stop digging,
these madenning shoveliers.
They only pause, 
and like all pauses before
this too is temporary,
waiting to strike again 
after a short break.