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The Boats

Two wooden boats were rowing side by side, slowly approaching two gates. The first boat carried men and women, and the second boat carried only women. There was not a sound. Not from the either of the boats, nor the sea, nor the air around. The first boat- with the men and women- began to […]

Puzzles of The Past

It is not completely objectionable to say that human beings have always loved to be certain of what they do. We love planning ahead, having a vague idea of what tomorrow may look like. To have control, or some semblance of it. So much so, that when a day goes rogue, fear and annoyance is […]

The Day I Saw Colours in the Sky

A very long time ago I had a nightmare that something flew towards me and cut my neck, creating a single red drop peeking out at the world. Soon, it became a line of blood that drizzled down. I woke up immediately. For a long time after this I never saw any dreams or nightmares […]

Watch, Only To Watch

For the longest time I hated movies. All movies. I couldn’t bear the thought of forcing myself in front of a screen to stare vacantly at all the things happening so far away, so out of my control. I think I hated the idea of being God. Interacting with a movie is in some way […]


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Hi, I’m Anika, a free roving bovine. Currently, my BA English, Journalism and Psychology degree is pursuing me. I enjoy writing and this blog is where my pieces come when they aren’t too sure about themselves. Jai Bhim!

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