Welcome Home!


This is Home, where all my writings come to live and breed.

Come on in! but please leave shoes outside.

Yes, my home looks like Mysore palace, I am a princess after all.

The first crack.

The first rhetorical question that they ask you will form the tiniest crack in your mind. But a crack, nevertheless. And a crack is all it takes. Words don’t need too much space to enter, and so the tiniest words – the ifs, ands, buts, thes, ors, hows and whys will all slowly sneak themselves… Continue reading The first crack.

In Sickness…

I first met him when he was admitted in the little hospital room buried deep in the corner of the long corridors of Baby Memorial Hospital. I stared at the 50 year old man curled up in fetus position, his bulging eyes stared back at me from the two dark hollows that spread underneath them.… Continue reading In Sickness…

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