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Returning Home

I feel like the prodigal son whenever I return to this blog page. Like someone who had something good but is taking it for granted and ignoring it. Until some discomfort comes along, then I return to this little yellow wall and begin typing like a mad woman until I feel sane again. Once in […]

I Have A Couple Of Things To Say To You, Actually.

You don’t look good in that cap. Remove it this instant. How could you ruin that beautiful head of hair? How could you mess it up so badly?remove it. I lay in bed all day today and yesterday, and last week- when I could. Then I gathered the energy I found in tiny crevices that […]

Kaduva Is Disappointing, But Not Surprising

This film review has no spoilers, mainly because there is just one spoiler- the spoiled brat that is Kaduvakunnel Kuruvachen, AKA “Kaduva” (tiger). It becomes evident in the first 15 minutes that our Kaduva is a big shot- not because he’s done anything significant to deserve it, but because his merit was pre-determined through his […]

“Ew, fish”

Was a very common phrase I heard while growing up. The repulsion that fish has the power to bring about in vegetarians around me was something I was used to witnessing. Fish was supposed to be disgusting. Of course, those who thought this way had never bothered to try it. It was disgusting because of […]


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Hi, I’m Anika, a free roving bovine. Currently, my BA English, Journalism and Psychology degree is pursuing me. I enjoy writing and this blog is where my pieces come when they aren’t too sure about themselves. Jai Bhim!

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