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Our Silence

Our words reduced. Stories dropped, killed. We had less, less and lesser to say until we had nothing. Pardon my eavesdropping but this silence too, is a conversation in both desperation and wisdom. Escapril 2023 has begun! I am grieving many losses and there is no better vent than poetry. April 2: Eavesdropping.

Our future

A small house, bright yellow building somewhere A strip of green, bluish running through top Shelves of white, curved hold all together Wine, delicious deep amounts pour generously into pasta Songs, different langauges dance sing dance And you… *** (Following visions have never ended well, my love.) Escapril 2023 has begun! I am grieving many…

You Want To Watch SRK And Deepika, Not Pathaan The Movie

“Because I am Pathaan” is not the smartest justification for all the things one may choose to do in their life, but the creators of Pathaan seem to think so. Before we begin, I am not ignorant of the intended message behind this film- secularity. Our country is in dire need of it, and SRK…

22 Birthdays

Every birthday I love to write about how far along I have come that year, a romantic letter for 1, if you may. On this birthday too, I have many such accomplishments to write about. However, this heart simply has no space for pride tonight. When I woke up this morning I wished with all…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Anika, a free roving bovine. Currently, my BA English, Journalism and Psychology degree is pursuing me. I enjoy writing and this blog is where my pieces come when they aren’t too sure about themselves. Jai Bhim!

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