From You To Me

The Day I Saw Colours in the Sky

A very long time ago I had a nightmare that something flew towards me and cut my neck, creating a single red drop peeking out at the world. Soon, it became a line of blood that drizzled down. I woke up immediately. For a long time after this I never saw any dreams or nightmares that I could remember upon waking. My sleep was pitch black.

And then in one peaceful afternoon nap, they visited me again. I dreamt of myself, sitting at the edge of my bed in my lavender walled bedroom. I was staring up at the sky through a big transparent glass window that opened just a few inches at the bottom. I could see everything through this window- the big sandy pit that doubled as a playground in the evenings, the beige and pink building right beside it, the two busy roads that were divided by a strip of footpath, and a row of big trees that lined the big football ground, attempting to block it’s view. There was no match today.

None of this mattered, because in this dream my eyes were fixed on two black birds flying overhead. The background was a clear, blue, sunny Dubai sky. I turned my head away to look at something inside the room. But when I looked outside, up at the two birds again…

Powders of rich and dark colors- red, yellow, and blue had been splashed across the sky. Two birds had become five. They continued to fly in circles above. They were unaware, or perhaps unbothered, about the color storm enveloping my building. I sat still, frozen in place. I watched, sensing deep panic growing in my heart. I could only see splattered colours forming gradients. Not the sandy ground or the football ground, not the trees, not the building. The sky was choked with primary colors in powdery textures, blurring the birds who were now black spots with wings, still circling the sky. It was as beautiful as it was scary.

I spent a very long time wondering what this dream was about. I never figured it out. It was simply a day where I had seen colours in the sky.