Phrased Phases

To the spy behind my webcam

Every message that I sent

To read it he was hell bent.

Peering eyes behind a screen

Looming all over an anxious teen.

Every picture, every text

Always wondering, what was next?

My first internet friend

A personal, private fiend.

But I too knew some secret code

And so I slipped on incognito mode.

Sniggering, laughing, chuckling, howling

Finally I’d escape unnecessary scowling!

But all at once, I stopped and stared

At one big eye that glared and glared.

My first internet friend- a spy!

A powerful man scared of “why?”

There really seemed to be no way

To keep these nosy men at bay.

And so I picked up a thin white sheet

And cut it out to suit the feat.

Over the webcam with tape it stuck

Poor powerful man, so out of luck!

The peering eye over my screen,

Everything seen was now unseen.

The spy behind my webcam